Wes Roller

2011 Jerry Litton Award presented to Rollers


Vi & Wes Roller

Each year the Christian County Democrats choose an outstanding person or couple to receive the Jerry Litton Award. Jerry Litton was a Missouri Democratic Congressman with a reputation for being honest, steadfast, loyal, and kind to his fellowman. He was considered a rising star in the Democratic Party with Jimmy Carter saying he thought Litton would be President one day. It was a blow to us all when he and his family were killed in a plane crash in 1976. Jim Kreider, one of our fellow Christian County Democrats, worked on Jerry Litton’s campaign and recommended we name an award in his honor. This award is given to a person or persons who exhibit the dedication and kindness of Jerry Litton.

This year the 2010 recipients of the Litton Award, the Steinbaughs, presented the award to Wesley and Violet Roller. We feel the Rollers exhibit many of those same Litton qualities of honesty, steadfastness, loyalty, and kindness to their fellow man. They are quiet and unassuming and their family values are reflected in their lives every day.

Congratulations to Wes and Vi for being honored by their fellow democrats!