The Christian County Democratic Central Committee (CCDCC) is the official governing body of the Missouri Democratic Party in Christian County.

the ccdcc

The purpose of the CCDCC is to promote the welfare of the Democratic Party in our county, to elect Democrats to office in our county, to support the election of local, state, and national Democrats to office, and to participate in Missouri and national Democratic Party decision-making.

We are directly affiliated with the Missouri State Democratic Committee and the Democratic National Committee. Members are elected by voters of each precinct/township/ward every two years during the August election. If there is a vacancy in a precinct/township/ward, a majority of the Committee may elect a person to fill the vacancy, who, in the next even-numbered year, may be elected by their precinct/township/ward.

Some of the duties of Committee members include raising funds and assisting Democratic candidates, nominating candidates for special elections to fill vacancies, recommending candidates for state and local appointive positions, and providing assistance to Democratic officeholders, clubs, and voters in Christian County. We also recommend persons as poll judges to the County Clerk’s Office, regularly attend Committee meetings, and greet newcomers to our county and offer assistance so they can participate in the voting process in Christian County. Committee members do not receive compensation.

We generally meet monthly, at the Christian County Planning and Development Office (1106 W. Jackson St., Ozark), and discuss current political issues. Meetings are open to any member of the Democratic Party.

For more specific committee information, see CCDCC Bylaws.

*Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 115.603 and 115.615.